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What's Tag.Travel?

Simply put, one of the freshest places to upload, tag and share your favorite snaps from your travels.

Just sign in – it’s a click away using your existing favorite social media credential (and don’t worry, we don’t intrude on those platforms at all, we just use their authentication to verify it’s really you signing in) and then hit the bright orange icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Tagging your post really helps to highlight the features that you think are important on your post. So if you’ve just had a marvelous vacation in Hawaii, you might consider tagging something like #beach #hawaii #my favorite vacation #sea turtles. You get the idea. Feel free to add a full text description as well.

Use the sharing buttons below your posted image to broadcast your post on the social media platforms of your choice. As mentioned above, we don’t ever intrude on your accounts so the choice of broadcasting your post is entirely yours.

Finally, our powerful search capability helps you to narrow down – or open up – your search criteria as much as you need to get you the most relevant posts.

Our design philosophy is to keep our pages as concise and user-friendly as possible to the traveler on the move. Of course, if you'd like to make a suggestion on how to improve our site, please let us know using our feedback form.